Cosmo Valley


It is said that, "True peace can only be found within".
At 'Cosmo Valley' you will find ultimate levels of serenity within.

Cosmo Valley Township

Cosmo Valley :: An Introduction

Cosmo Gwalior :: Flats, Duplex and Villas


The Cosmo Valley Gwalior beckons you. Step in to experience a grand lifestyle set in an equally grand setting, with comprehensive infrastructural facilities that are thoughtfully designed, professionally managed and impeccably maintained.

It spreads across approximately 8.5 acres, dominated by the timeless blend of nature, fresh air and a class of unimpeachable properties. In short, it’s the world in a town thoughtfully located to provide you quality lifestyle and nature in the city of Gwalior.

Cosmo Valley is a project sponsered by State Bank of India.

Are you looking for luxurious Villas, Duplex or Flats in Gwalior?
If Yes, Cosmo Valley is the place you're looking for...

You can reach us on toll free no. 8103.888.999 or send us an online enquiry..